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Regional Rep Project

OSAC’s Regional Rep Project

What is the Regional Rep Project? 

The purpose of the Regional Rep project is to engage self-advocates from around the state in policy advocacy and conversations with state leaders.

We will contract with eight people to form four regional teams.  Each team will decide which counties are included in their region. Regional teams will work together in their respective regions to engage self-advocates from around the state in OSAC activities, policy advocacy, and conversations with state leaders.  We will also contract with someone to provide support, training and technical assistance to each team.  

We are looking for qualified people to apply! 

We are seeking self-advocate leaders and others to apply for the following contract positions. 

Regional Self-Advocate Representatives will collaborate with Community Connectors to engage self-advocates and others and implement project activities in their regions.  This position will work about 10 hours per week.  Travel is required.

Community Connectors will collaborate with and support Regional Self-Advocate Reps to engage self-advocates and implement activities in their regions.  This position will work about 10 hours per week.  Travel is required.

The Regional Team Support Contractor will provide support, training and technical assistance to each team to carry out their duties.  This position will work about 20 hours per week. Travel is required.


What qualifications must regional teams have? 

Each Regional Rep and Community Connector must:

  • Have at least one year of experience (or two years combined) in leadership roles (like participating on a board, committee or work group, leading or supporting a self-advocacy group or other community group, etc.).
  • Use a calendar or app to manage schedules.
  • Demonstrate professional behaviors, communication and appearance.
  • Have own transportation or access to reliable transportation.
  • Have access to communication by phone, text and email.
  • Be comfortable with using social medial to share activities, stories and events.
  • Work well together.
  • Enjoy talking with people and working with the public.
  • Be comfortable talking in front of a group or giving presentations.


What are the requirements for regional teams? 

  • Regional teams are made up of one self-advocate and one community member. Team members may not be related to each other.
  • Identify the counties in the region that they will serve.
  • Conduct outreach to engage self-advocates, self-advocacy groups and community partners in OSAC activities.
  • Recruit individual self-advocates, self-advocacy groups and supporters to be OSAC members.
  • Complete team activities that reflect the desires of local communities and align with OSAC’s goals, priorities and mission.
  • Support OSAC members and others to work together on local and statewide issues within their regions.
  • Participate in all scheduled trainings and technical assistance meetings. Most trainings and meetings will be electronic.
  • Report activities and outcomes to OSAC leaders.


How do I apply? 

Complete the application form with the other member of your team and email resumes and three references for each person to kory.ashcoff@askosac.org no later than 5pm on Tuesday, December 31, 2019. 


What is the project timeline? 

November 2019: Kickoff the application process for regional teams!

January 2020: Select four teams and negotiate one-year contracts to serve as many couties as possible.

February 2020: Convene an initial regional team training and assign first tasks. 

March 2020: Convene first monthly all regional team phone and video conference meeting to report progress on activities, problem solve, support each other and schedule next steps.  These meetings will occur every other month.

April 2020: Submit annual progress report on regional team activities and outcomes to OSAC and state leaders.

December 2020: Renew contracts to continue ongoing regoinal activities.



To learn more about the project contact kory.ashcoff@askosac.org.



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