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Eric Thompson

Sergeant at Arms


With great power comes great responsibility.


Uncle Ben, Spiderman



I want the opportunity to connect with other people and feel connected to my community.


Life has taught me:

I have had many job opportunities that have taught me typing skills, public speaking, and all kinds of office duties. Life has taught me to work hard and do your best.


Bet you didn’t know:

I am 6’6” and built for sports! I love to run, play softball, volleyball, track and field, golf and basketball. I write fantasy and adventure stories and I love to read and play video games. I also hike and go to the movies. I eat pepperoni pizza, chef salad and fettuccini alfredo. I listen to country and pop and dream of going on a cruise. I make World Famous Oatmeal Chocolate Cookies for anyone who asks!


If I could change the world:

I would tell others to do service, to enjoy the fellowship of others and be a good example.


What people like and admire about me:

Everyone LOVES my cookies, I like to try new things and I have a positive attitude. I am kind to others and I’m a good friend. I am curious, ask a lot of questions and love to come up with new projects and ideas. I am a good writer and I work hard.


Board of Directors

Justin Connolly


Jordan Lawson


John Griffiths

Self Advocate at Large

Eric Thompson

Sergeant at Arms

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